Carousel in Retail

We scale with you

Whether you're guiding customers or communicating with employees, getting information in front of the people you need to is easy with Carousel. From ten to thousands of screens at locations across the globe, Carousel scales with you, ensuring you reach the right people in the locations they are.

Guide Customers

Help people find their way.

Make sure everyone who visits feels welcomed, informed, and connected. Use Carousel to display maps, rules, guidelines, and directional information for your facility!

Employee Communication

Create a better employee experience.

There are challenges when informing and engaging with front line teams. Entertain, inform and communicate to your employees with breakroom signage.

Grow with us

Carousel scales with you.

From ten to thousands of screens at locations across the globe, Carousel scales with you, ensuring you reach the right people in the locations they're located.

TriOak Foods

TriOak foods extends their reach with express players.

"We wanted to make the signage accessible to all employees, regardless of location, so we have our channels embedded into our company website. That way employees can log in and look at the signage any time."

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Use Cases in Retail

Breakroom communication

Update with health and safety rules

Display store promotions

Guide guests through your facility

Menu boards

Celebrate employees & other achievements

Enterprise-level Deployment Tools

Easy to deploy, adopt and scale.

Deployment to a single store or thousands of stores are both easily achievable with Carousel + BSN Cloud or Carousel + Apple TV. Grow your sales and retain your frontline workers with this cost effective solution.


Carousel plus BrightSign is a powerful combination for customers who want a digital signage network that allows for broad participation, helps keep content fresh, and values long term sustainability.

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Apple TV

Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in lobbies, common areas, and breakrooms. Get true zero-touch deployment by leveraging MDM tools like Jamf Pro.

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There are two parts to a digital signage system. The media player which connects to the display and plays the content, like the Apple TV. And the content management software that helps the user create and manage the content, like Carousel!

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Case Studies

There are countless stories of digital signage in the field. Read how others in your industry are using Carousel in their facility.

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Need some inspiration? If you're having trouble figuring out just what to put on your screens, then this is the place for you.

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Carousel Playbook

To help assist with the daunting task of managing digital signage, we've put together this playbook of tips, tricks, and strategies.

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